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Adoptable Cats

Please make sure to thoroughly read each cat's description to see if they are a good fit for your home before sending in a Pre-Adoption Application!  


Vivian is a quiet cat who spends most of her time lounging in the very comfiest spot she can find. She would flourish in a  home without dogs and young children.

Pre-Adoption Form


Angel is so doll-like. She curls up, shuts her eyes and relaxes most of the day; preferably near a window with some sunshine! Angel will do best in a quiet home without much commotion.  

Pre-Adoption Form


Simba is our cat with the most wisdom. He spends most of his time high up on his favourite cat tree observing everything the light touches in his kingdom. Simba likes to relax and chat so a home that will make him the king will be the best fit.

Pre-Adoption Form

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles is a handful! He is so energetic and playful but also loves cuddles once he's tuckered out. He's a very goofy, wild spirit and would thieve in a home with people to play with him all day long!

Pre-Adoption Form


Ashes is a charmer! He has great manners, he loves a scratch and also has a playful side. He likes cat trees, laser pointers and cuddling. He would like a home where his family spoils him rotten!

Pre-Adoption Form


Mittens is a young lady who needs a partner in crime. She likes to snuggle up and groom her other lady-cat friends and is looking for the same in her future human. She is a vocal girl and will let you know exactly how she feels. Her ideal home would chat with her all day, and provide her with lots of love.  

Pre-Adoption Form


This young lady is a very shy girl. Since she has come here she has come a long way and will chase toys as well as come out for treats and wet food. Her new home should be a family that is willing to show her she can trust people and keep working with her to continue her progress.

Pre-Adoption Form


This photogenic girl is very shy. She prefers the company of other cats over people; she is learning to trust more and more every day. It is important that she is adopted by a family that will work to show her she is safe and loved in her new home.

Pre-Adoption Form

Reese's Pieces

This friendly girl is VERY VOCAL. If you like a talkative cat, this is your girl! She will always be up for a chat and loves to meow for scratches, treats, breakfast and supper! She needs to be the only cat in the home as she wants to be the center of attention all the time.

Pre-Adoption Form