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About Us

Positive Training With Positive Results!

Call us at (123) 456-7890 to set up a free in-home 15 minute session

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Our Board of Directors 2018-2019

Sonya Nolan Baker - Chair

Holly Hunt - Vice-Chair

Courtney Clarke - Secretary

Gail Gosse - Treasurer

Tony Smith - c/o Treasurer, Director, Baccalieu Trail Thrift Store 

Allison Hiscock - Director, Animal Care

Lynnette Collins - Director, Fundraising (leave of absence)

Kimberley Keeping - Director, Animal Care

Volunteers - Committees

**We also have various committees available for the public to join.  At this time, we need new members on our Fundraising Committee.  Please email for more information.  Once our shelter opens we will need lots of energetic volunteers.  

Email [email protected] for a volunteer or membership form.  A police check (free of charge) will need to be completed.  

Our New Home ......

SPCA Baccalieu Trail has purchased property in Spaniard's Bay. We are currently working on building plans and hope to start work on the land in the very near future.

Friends For a Lifetime - Sponsorship is available.  ‚Äč

Would you like to see your name's, the name of a loved one, or your business's/group's name on a room in our new shelter?   Just ask us how you can make this possible.  

For more information on sponsorship or partnerships, please contact the Board of Directors at [email protected]  

See our SHELTER PAGE for more info

Our Shelter Updates

Majority of the work has been completed.  Staff  are working.  Please email [email protected] with general inquires.      

Check out our SHELTER Page for more information....