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Anonymously Report Animal Cruelty: 1-800-222-8477

10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Send us your pictures of you completing 5 or more calendar tasks and you could win a Spring Basket!

Complete 10 or more and you could win our Anniversary Prize Basket!

Pictures can be sent to [email protected]

Pictures may be posted to our social media and website so please have permission from others before submitting.  

Celebration Events this Month

Challenges you shouldn't miss in the upcoming days

April 1

Take your dog for a walk; no dog – no worries get creative to show us a dog on route. Just remember to socially distance.

April 2

Get outside and have fun with your family/pets.  

April 3

Do a spring clean-up! Let’s see those garbage bags; recycle when you can.  

April 4

Go visit a body of water, a beach, pond or stream! Remember to clean up any garbage you see!

April 5

 Take your dog for a walk again! Enjoy Spring!

April 6

Donate at least 10 recyclable beverage containers to our Green Depot accounts. We have an account at the Bay Roberts, Carbonear and Blaketown Depots! Label your bag:

596-7722 or SPCA!

April 7

Have a game of fetch with your dog or a laser pointer with your cats.​  

April 8

Follow us on social media!  

April 9

Paint an animal picture on a rock and leave it somewhere to make others smile.

April 10

It’s spring cleaning time. Remember thrift stores like ours in Bay Roberts accept gently used items.  

Thrift Store

April 11

Take a hike with family and/or your dog.  

April 12

  Spend some time cuddling with your pets and kids.

April 13

Donate 10 items to our shelter - gently used pet items, can food, litter, paper towels, bleach, gently used soft blankets, etc.  

Directions to the Shelter

April 14

Show us some signs of spring in our communities.  

April 15

Share a picture of your beloved pet on social media.  

April 16

Learn about the Animal Health Protection Act in NL. Talk to your MHA about it.  

Learn More

April 17

Go on a picnic Lunch or snack. Bring your furry friend along.    

April 18

Prepare a disaster plan for the animals in your care. Talk to your family about your wishes if you cannot care for them yourself.  

April 19

Celebrate a volunteer you know. It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week. 

April 20

Donate 10 gently used items to our Thrift Store in Bay Roberts. (I.e. gently used or new clothes, books, household items).

Say “Hi” to our volunteers!

Thrift Store

April 21

Did you know we have an Amazon Wish List? Easy way to donate.  

Amazon Wish List

April 22

Family night. Show us some fun family pics – including your furry friends!

April 23

Take your dog for a walk! Take a picture by a building where volunteers go (i.e. fire hall).

April 24

Go bird watching.  

April 25

Follow the Provincial SPCA Board on social media.   

April 26

Go for a walk. Take your dog along!

April 27

Make a $10 donation. EMT are accepted at [email protected] 


April 28

Teach your dog a new trick

April 29

Doggie bath time or book your dog’s next grooming appointment.   

April 30

Celebrate the animals in your life.